The world is changing and so is Vivid Interactive

To meet the changing needs and opportunities brought about by the exponential progress of digital technology and its influence on teaching and learning, Vivid Interactive have created Vivid Digital - which has four interlinked but distinct divisions.

Join the learning revolution

Sir Ken Robinson, delivering the keynote closing speech at the Learning Without Frontiers conference in January 2012, made it very clear that 'the learning revolution has begun'.

With information at our fingertips, easy global communications and continuing advances in mobile technology, this 'revolution' encompasses all learning, from early years to secondary, through college and university and in the workplace. The institutional barriers are crumbling as we recognise that learning enabled by digital technology takes place anywhere, anytime.

This is 21st century learning and we have created Vivid Digital to help you take full advantage by:

Helping you to deliver:

We are building a new website to reflect the Vivid Digital brand which will be ready soon.

In the meantime, to discuss further how we may be able to help you call Mick Landmann on 07768 106910 or email him at

For more information, select one of our new divisions above or browse our existing Vivid Interactive website.